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  • Sinéad McCauley

7 ways automation can help superpower tour and activity operators

Updated: Feb 23

Pax365 Automation  - woman pointing at world map
Automation Superpowers tour and activity operators

Back office operations can be time-consuming and difficult to execute as your business grows, however Pax365’s automation software streamlines your business to drive valuable insights and deliver better results.


Set your tour and activity operations on autopilot with booking and fleet management software.

1. Streamlined operations

Tour operator software automates repetitive tasks, reduces manual workload and minimises errors including overbooking tours, drivers and vehicles. Automated notifications and real time availability help to improve your team’s efficiency freeing up staff to focus on nurturing and growing your customer base.

Pax365 - staff operating laptops and desktop PCs
Automate Repetitive tasks, free up your staff

2. Access any time, anywhere.

Flexible and accessible cloud based software facilitates real-time access without the need to invest in expensive hardware or manage updates and security in house. Oversee operations from your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are.

Pax365 - using a mobile phone to access services, close up
Pax365 gives flexible access any time, anywhere

3. All in one place

Operators with multiple locations or remote working teams can easily manage bookings, staff and fleet information from one central hub. Guides, drivers and resellers operating from the same location creates smoother, faster and clearer access to information, allowing you to adapt and pivot when necessary.

Pax365 app, animated examples of screens
Create smoother, faster and clearer access to information

4. Integrated payment gateways

Integrated payment gateways ensure secure and hassle-free transactions, reducing the risk of abandoned bookings.

Pax365 payment icon
Hassle-free Transactions

5. Reporting

Find and filter multiple bookings, compare data, analyse booking trends and facilitate clear decision making with easy to understand chart, graph and table formats.​ Use your data driven insights to improve operations and identify growth opportunities.

Pax365 comparative data figures, animated
Compare data, Analyse trends

6. Integration Capabilities

Integration capabilities are essential in today’s digital world. Pax365’s proprietary API can be integrated with other global booking platforms such as TourCMS, Viator and more, ensuring reduced manual entries and seamless workflows.

Pax365 information screen on tablet
Integrate with other global platforms

7. Scalability

Versatile and robust tour operator software adapts as your business evolves. Pax365’s multiple plan options offer alignment to support and accommodate your operational needs, whether you’re expanding or diversifying your offerings.

Summing up

Intuitive online booking software, such as Pax365, can superpower your tour, activity and fleet management business by providing fast, effective, real time availability to staff, guides, drivers and resellers. Reduced errors, automatic updates and online payment gateways are some of the core features that help to improve operations and deliver growth opportunities in this rapidly growing and super fun sector.

Take Pax365 for a test drive and start your Free Trial or book a demo today.


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